3rd day of new year..

hello today… i am in my 4th wek of flower and really happy that with hard work and and good attitude things can get done.

I am looking for people to help keep the blog active and happy, if you think you can provide good times hit me up….

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Happy New Year..

Some say the world will have some major change this year, well i am one to say yes there will be and i am going to make changes starting here with me.

Happy New Years one and all…

What is your New Years bringing to you?

This year lets work to making M.G.H happen in San Mateo County. As always donations, ideas, and volunteers are welcome.

Donations can be made to onerez1@yahoo.com through paypal.

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Mygreenheaven happened in 2004… The story of me..

In 1993 i was in an army accident, the driver of a 5ton truck was speeding, lost control
and rolled it. I was one of 6 passengers in the back I was thrown in to a cement ditch
landed on my head and tossed around like a rag doll….

I awoken from coma about 2 weeks later and had total amnesia I was 21 years old. The
broken bones and hemorrhaged brain were just a few of my problems..

Long story short I was retired from service in 1995 and was rated 60% from the
Veterans Administration. The medical doctors told me that there was some pain a
soldier has to live with and I was on morphine and anti-depressants anti-seizure, high-
blood pressure, other anti -inflammatory and meds to help me sleep and to help me
with the other meds that gave me problems.

Then in 2001 after doing a stupid thing a friend of mine told me to try some pot and
handed me a joint.

Nothing, a few days later again , nothing, well this time he told me he was gonna give
me something special next time.

Well easter day he invited me over and well gave me a bong with some stuff called
honey bud…

Being a prior cross country runner and army ranger I had a good lung capacity.

Took one big hough hit and finished the bowl,, everyone was in aw.. Packed another
and another.. After that I sat back and well..

I smiled for about 5 hours sitting in a chair did not move, nothing but smiled..

That moment on I had to understand what this was…

So I began to research… And then I began to ask questions to my doctors and family..

Everyone was telling me No! That my head injury the marijuana can cause more
problems for me.. ..

I was unsure.. So I still asked and researched.. Read books and talked to more

Still unresponsive people around me everyone telling me no..

I questioned?  Well if i am on morphine and well it is a drug and really messes
me up along with the other meds.. But when I smoked it was different for me I did not
know how to explain but it was different..

One day I went to the store and never went back…

After mothers of going through the process of detoxing myself life was one big mess…

Then made my way up to San Francisco in summer of 2002 and then learned that I
could get a medical recommendation. So I followed up and got my medical information
and went to get my recommendation.

After that there was a club that was close by and well I walk in to the building and they
pointed me to a downstairs direction.

As a got further in to the hallway I had to go to another door and wait till I was buzzed in..

The anticipation was overwhelming.. I got in to this club the medication in the counters
were allot… The smells and sights were totally different..

I grabbed a few 1/8ths of this and that.. And to my delight was coming towards a better
under standing.

Yet the problems arose when I soon found myself consuming more than I was able to
afford. So I then began the process of growing… After a run in with the law and I realized
that being a 100% disabled veteran with valid medical reasoning for medical marijuana
and that the DA was not gonna prosecute me I began to really understand the process
of growing.. Read more books and then was forced to move..

In April 11 2004 the day I began my move to my new house I started 61 seeds and was
not prepared for what came next..

My green Heaven was born…

From that time in 2004 till now had a few more run in with police even educated the
local police about medical marijuana gave them a tour of my garden and Collective
garden. Was something wild I can say….then we go till today…

Today I am just getting back up and growing after a few months of being ill and not able
to take care of my garden and losing it.

I found the value of growing your own medicine and
not having to go to a club or the street to get medication.. And growing yourself, you know
what goes in to your medication. Allot cheaper to grow your own after the start up cost…
Unless you grow outside with free sun…..lol

I am no longer on any medication except marijuana. With the marijuana I learned a new
way of coping with my life and my problems. I found that I now am more capable of
living and being happy and content and at peace.

Not to say life is the way Iwant it. I  have a very difficult and trying life , yet I am more likely to feel
that way happy and hopeful instead of depressed, in pain, frustrated, angry and bitter..

God I am glad I found my green heaven.

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Hello world!

Get involved and enjoy the journey..

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